SG Narratives is a passion project conceived by three best friends, Zat, Syakir, and Wan who, in December 2016, wanted to fill in the gaping void in the local content creation scene, left between parody videos, sketches, and endless listicles. We crave a space where the truly vulnerable and authentic nature of Singaporeans are celebrated and not shunned or discouraged under the convenient and tired guise of conservative Asian values.


We are driven by the inherent values of empathy and honesty, and constantly seek to understand the complex emotional nature of humankind. Our interest in the human condition drives our insatiable hunger for communication and connection in a world that seems to be moving further and further away from answering the ultimate question: What truly defines us?


Every conversation we facilitate becomes another primer on life, love, relationships, struggles, and our need to be heard. We pass on these lessons to you, our viewers, in the hopes that you too will restart your journey towards understanding your individual self better and in so doing encourage those around you to embark on their own journey of change.