Panel Perspectives. 

"Why do you love me?"

"What was the moment you realised I was falling for you?"

"What is the strength in me that you see that I'm not aware of?"

"How has race influenced the way we raised our daughter?"

"How have I surprised you with my approach to parenting?"

"What do you foresee will happen when 377a eventually gets abolished?"


We love asking difficult questions, but not simply to sensationalize or stoke the flames of forced controversy. We ask difficult questions because those are the very things that will elicit the most honest response to a topic that requires a sensitive hand.


At a flat rate of SGD1,999, we will organise and curate one panel discussion for your organization, centered around the topics or issues you would like to highlight, debate, or clarify.


We bring our expertise in asking tough but meaningful questions to The Panel, where a really valuable and compelling discussion is necessary to highlight the topic at hand. The Panel discussion is an ideal solution to companies that wish to engage an audience in a spirited debate with other subject matter experts. The Panel reproduces the features of a small group discussion for the benefit of a larger one, in a setting that is safe, non-judgemental, and open to opposing thoughts.


The objectives of The Panel are:

  • To provide information and new facts

  • To analyze a problem from different angles

  • To debate the pros and cons of a topic


The package cost is inclusive of:

  • Research on topic and invited guests

  • One panel moderator from SG Narratives

  • A 1-hour panel discussion that is customized, concrete, and connected

  • A feedback system at the end where we will gather information about the achievability of desired outcomes of the panel discussion 


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