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IndigNation 2018

Updated: Jun 3, 2018

What is IndigNation?

"IndigNation is the LGBTIQ+ Pride season in Singapore, reaffirming our participation in the intellectual and cultural life of this country, reminding all that we are as much a part of Singapore as anyone else. The organisers are motivated by a belief that however difficult, progress is possible. We are not passive victims of ignorance and prejudice in an unchanging landscape. We are active citizens playing our part in making Singapore a better place."

The theme for this year is 'Imagining Queer Futures'. In line with the theme, SGN would like to imagine a future where Section 377a in the Penal Code is abolished. We constantly ask ourselves: What would happen when 377a is repealed?

When, not if.

Through a sixty minute panel discussion, we wish to explore how that future would look like. How would the LGBTQI community as well as the rest of the nation react to this change? What would be the hardest part of adapting to this change? Would there be a positive chain reaction to this repeal that paves the way for other much needed social reforms in this country?

We want to hear from you. What does equality look like to you?

Your honest response would greatly help us decide on the direction that this panel would take. Click here to submit your response to us.

We look forward to reading your thoughts and views.

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