Video Perspectives. 

The Video is our offer to you to kickstart and recognize the values and belief your organization have tirelessly sought to champion and implement. 


At a flat rate of SGD1,999, we will ideate and conceptualize one video conversation for your organization, centered around the social values you would like to highlight. 

As companies become acutely aware of the role they play in fostering a community that is inclusive and non-discriminatory, it has become increasingly important to let people know the values they are aligned with and its significance in a world that clamors and champions diversity.


The Video is in response to what we believe is a roadblock in most corporations that are already actively aware of their social responsibilities but lack the resources and inspiration to share that achievement with their various stakeholders.  


Some social values we have addressed include:


Religious & Racial Tolerance

LGBTQ+ Rights

Drug Prevention

Social Classes & Privilege

Community Involvement

Domestic Worker Rights

Mental Illness



This package cost is inclusive of

  • Research

  • Drafting of ideas

  • Filming of the video, editing, and the final presentation of the video that is completely yours to own


The Video is perfect for companies that would like to share their progressive values with customers and other stakeholders without the commitment of a full campaign launch. The finished video can be shared widely on all social media platforms, company-wide events, or internally as a tacit reminder of the values your company hold dear.


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